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The VT series of circular in-line duct centrifugal fans consists of 14 model variations within 7 nominal model sizes of 100, 125, 150, 160, 200, 250 and 315mm respectively. Each model diameter is available in two versions, high performance model (type L) and a low performance model variation (type B).

The VT range of fans delivers airflow performances from 290 up to 1900 m3/hr.

The VT series of fans are ideally suited for a wide range of general residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply ventilation applications. Typical applications would include the following:
  • Residential: Bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms.
  • Commercial: Cafes, bars, offices, restaurants.
  • Industrial: Spot ventilation, equipment cooling, workshop ventilation.

All VT fans are manufactured from high grade corrosion resistant pressed galvanised steel.

All models are supplied as standard with a pre-wired wiring junction box.

All models (except VT-100B & VT-25B) include an enclosed type, single phase, external rotor motor with factory matched backward curved non-stalling impeller.

All models are fully speed controllable using either electronic or autotransformer voltage regulation controllers.

The following specifications apply:
  • Single phase 230V 50Hz
  • IP44, Class B insulation
  • Operating temperatures -40º up to +40º
  • All motors include sealed for life ball bearing assemblies
  • All motors include an internal safety thermal overload protection device as standard
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