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The UPE-SA range of belt-drive single inlet centrifugal cabinet fans consists of 9 nominal product sizes with motor powers ranging from 0.25 up to 15.0kW.

Airflow performances range from 500 up to 42,000 m3/hr, with static pressures up to 150 mmWG.

The UPE-SA series can be supplied suitable for either horizontal (H) or vertical (V) air discharge depending upon the requirements of the installation. In addition to special order, the units can be supplied with both circular inlet and outlet duct connection flanges.

The UPE-SA range of fans offer a very flexible supply or exhaust air ventilation solution to many applications, including the ventilation of:
  • Factory units.
  • Offices.
  • Restaurants.
  • Commercial kitchens.
  • Manufactured from high grade galvanised sheet steel.
  • Side, top and base panels include high grade Melamine sheet acoustic insulation.
  • Motor side access panel includes inspection pressure locks.
  • All models are supplied as standard with the belt-drive transmission on the right hand side, when viewed from the inlet. If required, to special order, the belt-drive transmission can be supplied on the left hand side.
Fan / Impeller
  • All models include single inlet, low pressure forward curved centrifugal fans as standard.
  • Fan impeller assemblies are mounted on anti-vibration mountings within the cabinet and connected to the discharge with a flexible connecting flange.
  • The UPE-SA range can be supplied in two versions: with horizontal discharge (H); or with vertical discharge (V). As standard, all models are supplied in horizontal (H) format.
Motor / Transmission
  • All models are supplied with Three Phase 230/400V 50Hz, IP55 motors.
  • All motors up to 3.0kW are mounted directly to the impeller fan scroll.
  • All motors larger than 3.0kW are mounted behind the fan scroll, directly to a robust fan-impeller base frame.
  • All models utilize a standard belt and pulley transmission system.
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