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The UPECM FLEXIBLE series of acoustic centrifugal cabinet fans offer an ideal and cost effective ventilation solution for the extract or supply of non-hazardous airstreams.

The range consists of 7 nominal model sizes all of which include direct-drive, low pressure double inlet forward curved centrifugal fans.

Due to the flexible, nature of the design and construction; the UPECM FLEXIBLE series can be supplied to accomodate specific customer or installation requirements (see Special Options).

The UPECM FLEXIBLE range are available with:
  • Single phase motors in 4 or 6 pole speeds.
  • Three phase motors in 6 pole speeds.
Airflow performance for the UPECM series fans ranges from 500 up to 6,500 m3/hr.

The UPECM series of fans are suitable for many ducted noise sensitive ventilation applications, including the ventilation of:
  • Offices.
  • Factory units.
  • Restaurants.
  • Cafes and bars.
  • Shops.
All UPECM FLEXIBLE fans include the following specifications:
  • Casings are manufactured using a flexible design, robust galvanised sheet steel profile and panel construction secured with die cast aluminium corners. All top, base and side panels include a layer of high grade Melamine acoustic attenuating insulation.
  • The fan and motor assembly can be accessed through either of the side panels which include pressure lock fixings.
  • All fan-impeller assemblies are mounted on anti-vibration mountings within the cabinet.
  • All internal fan-impeller assemblies are connected to the discharge with a flexible connecting flange.
  • Internal base frame for large power motors.

All UPECM fan casings are manu-factured from fabricated galvanised sheet steel and internally lined with high grade Melamine (M1 flame retardant type) acoustic insulation material.

The UPECM casing design enables the fan to be accessed from both side panels, without having to remove the casing from the ducting.

A wiring entry grommet is provided on the duct outlet panel to facilitate wiring and installation.

Fan / Impeller

All UPECM cabinet fans include, as standard, low pressure forward curved centrifugal fan impellers manufactured from pressed and formed galvanised sheet steel.

All impellers are factory fitted to the motors and dynamically balanced to minimise vibration.


All motors are directly mounted to the impeller scroll inlet by a tough electrowelded support frame.

The following electrical specifications apply:
  • Single Phase, capacitor run and start, 230V 50Hz.
  • Three Phase, 230/400V 50Hz.
  • All models include a Safety Thermal Overload protection device. (autoreset type on single phase motors).
Specials options - Please enquire

The UPECM FLEXIBLE range can be manufactured to customer specific dimensions or specifications.

The inlet panel can be supplied with or without a rectagular ducting flange, or with a circular ducting flange connector of various diameters.

Both inlet and / or discharge ports can be supplied in a vertical format.

A panel filter can be included, fitted integrally on the inlet side of the unit which can be accessed through either of the side panels as per the motor assembly.

Weathering protection panels.

For applications where the unit is intended for exterior mounted installations, special panels can be supplied to eliminate the entry of water.
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