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400º 2H
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The UPDN range of centrifugal cabinet fans have been specifically designed to extract airstreams up to a maximum temperature of 400 Deg. C for a minimum period of 2 hrs.

All UPDN models are manufactured from galvanized steel and include a forward curved centrifugal fan driven by motor belt driven transmission.

All models include maintenance free belt drive transmissions with IP55 rated motors

Available with motors from 0.25 up to 18,5 KW.

Operating Voltage:
  • Three Phase
    • 230/400V-50Hz, up to 4 kW.
    • 400/690V-50Hz, for all larger sizes.
  • Single Phase
    • 230-50Hz, for motor powers up to 3 KW, under special order.
    • Two speed motors, De 2 to special order.

Supplied as standard with the motor to the RHS when viewed from inlet side. Motor on LHS, supplied to special order.
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